Review of 7 Little Words Game

The Logic of 7 Little words is pretty simple. Each puzzle gives you a grid of letters accompanied by seven words/clues. The letter blocks each contain about 2 or 3 words each and you can think of them as something similar to crossword puzzle hints but much simpler. The goal of each puzzle you play, is of course to find a solution for all the seven clues usingĀ  visible letters as hints to guide you towards the correct answer word. For example the clue might be “twoscore” and the answer of it may very well be “forty”.

The game is published by BlueOx and they hope users will be able to differentiate between it, and other similar games in the cluttered scrabble-like games world. 7 Little Words is a very simple concept yet enjoyable, and of course it is free. Word game addicts should find it entertaining enough and it’s definitely worth a shot.

Experienced word puzzle gamers might not find it very difficult, but it is perfect for the beginners. The initial game includes about 30 levels which indeed, might not be too much but it is enough to help you get a feel about what the game is all about. In the other hand, if you are a beginner in these type of games it can be the perfect gateway game to the world of puzzle game. A clue about the clues answers is that they tend to revolve around synonyms and if you play the elemination tactic you will get far ahead pretty quickly, because it means you will discard/ignore all the wrong possible answers.

If you are a newbie player and worry about getting penalized about wrong guesses or being slow to figure answers out, don’t worry as 7 little words doesn’t punish slow players or wrong guesses. There is no points system, so you will not get less points if you guess wrong several times. So no time limits, no point deductions for wrong answers make it the perfect game to start playing to improve your word guessing capabilities. Everything in this game is geared towards simplicity and this can be noticed instantly as the design, game flow follows this principle, it has very simple and modest looking graphics.