Wordament – Word Game

Wordament is a Boggle-like word puzzle game which can be played both in solo offline mode or online mode where you can challenge other players in real time and participate in various tournaments. This game has been around for some time now and continues to remain a good choice to pass some quality time.

If you don’t know what Boggle is, we will explain. Boggle is a word puzzle game created by Allan Turoff. This game is usually played by using a grid of lettered dice in which the participating players have to look for words in sequences of the letters next to them.

The game design is a rather simplistic one. You are given a four by four letter grid, letters of which are used by you, to create as many words as possible before the 120 seconds timer ends. You connect neighbouring letters horizontally, down, or diagonally to form words 3 or more letters long. How much you score is based on the value point that is assigned to each specific letter on the board. Sometimes you need to reorder the letters for your brain to figure out letters easily, you can reshuffle the letters as many times as possible. If you play moderate difficulty puzzles like Daily Commuter Crossword, then you will be very comfortable playing this game.

When your game is finished, you score is submitted and compared to the scores of other players and you get to know your ranking on the tournament. You will get a summary of highlights of your game, including the words you could not find, the words you could find and scoring statistics.