7 Little Words Answers Today

7 Little words is a cross between crossword puzzles, word find and anagrams. Each puzzle consists of 7 mystery-words, 7 clues and 20 tiles with letter groups. You need to solve clues and un-scramble the letter tiles to reveal the answers for the puzzles.
This is a fun challenging and easy to learn game. It’s a very distinct game unlike games you played before. The game is published by Blue Ox Family Games which are also the creators of Red Herring and Monkey Wrench games.

The app contains more than 10 thousand puzzles, which have been created/edited since the game was first published in 2011. The puzzles are a mix of non-themed and themed puzzles some of which are in US English and some in British English there are also puzzles in Spanish and French.

To be able to get access to the entire Catalog you must be subscribed to the game and if you love the game, we encourage you to do so, to support the game developers. Your support will guarantee the continuity/longevity of this cool puzzle game.

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