Where Was Superman Born?

Fans of Superman Comic-Books Hero probably know this very well but since this question appeared lately on a 7 Little Words game clue, we thought to dedicate this topic a blog article. For a layman Superman was born on Earth but that is far from truth, as you will read below.

Superman was born as Kal-El, on the fictional planet Krypton. His parents send him to earth as a baby in a small spaceship right before planet Krypton was about to be destroyed in a natural cataclysm. The ship, baby Superman was traveling with, then landed near a small American town called SmallVille.

SupermanHomePage.com a website solely dedicated to the Superman World has published plenty of articles on the subject which you can read here.

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Wordament – Word Game

Wordament is a Boggle-like word puzzle game which can be played both in solo offline mode or online mode where you can challenge other players in real time and participate in various tournaments. This game has been around for some time now and continues to remain a good choice to pass some quality time.

If you don’t know what Boggle is, we will explain. Boggle is a word puzzle game created by Allan Turoff. This game is usually played by using a grid of lettered dice in which the participating players have to look for words in sequences of the letters next to them.

The game design is a rather simplistic one. You are given a four by four letter grid, letters of which are used by you, to create as many words as possible before the 120 seconds timer ends. You connect neighbouring letters horizontally, down, or diagonally to form words 3 or more letters long. How much you score is based on the value point that is assigned to each specific letter on the board. Sometimes you need to reorder the letters for your brain to figure out letters easily, you can reshuffle the letters as many times as possible. If you play moderate difficulty puzzles like Daily Commuter Crossword, then you will be very comfortable playing this game.

When your game is finished, you score is submitted and compared to the scores of other players and you get to know your ranking on the tournament. You will get a summary of highlights of your game, including the words you could not find, the words you could find and scoring statistics.

Helpful Apps to Help you Learn New words and enrich your vocabulary

If English is not your native language then you best start learning it because being an international language it is also a necessity to survive in this fast paced and internationalized global economy. You will need to improve your English even for the most basic everyday tasks like ordering online or traveling by airplane. It is absolutely essential and without it your options would be severely lessened. Imagine how much less work opportunities you will have compared to another contestant that will compete with you in a work interview.

The good news is that you do not need a private tutor as There are plenty of apps and word games available out there, which are very helpful in allowing you to improve your dictionary and learn new words intuitively so that you will not forget them easily. We have hand picked a few of those apps and games which we believe to be some of the best ones for this purpose.


1. 7 Little Words

Crossword like games have always been a very intuitive way to learn new words effortlessly. 7 little words is a crossword like game app but much simpler and very easy to get a accustomed to. On each puzzle you have seven clues, seven words to figure out and 20 total letters. Your goal is to find these words using dhe clues and the letters on the board that are available to you.

How to play Seven Little Words

  1. Find the 7 words to match the 7 clues.
  2. Find the 7 words in any order.
  3. There is no penalty for a wrong guess.
  4. There is no time limit.

2. Word of the Day

This game/quiz is a slow paced one and perfect for beginners and it will definitely help you learn new words better as it doesn’t rush things. It makes sure to make you memorize a word in a contextual manner. The word of the day is a new word that appears each day as you can guess.

Word of the day has the ability to let you set a daily reminder / notification , set a female or male speaker voice and also let you choose your target English accent for example if you want a British accent you can select UK or if you prefer the United States accent you can select it, there are other accents as well and they include Indian English Accent, Australian, Canadian etc. These features are quite important as they allow you to learn to pronounce words in the desired accent. To make it even more fun the developers of the game also have added the “challenge” option, which lets you challenge a friend to pronounce the word correctly. This will make you and your friends more competitive and make you take the challenges more seriously because who likes to lose?

4. Magoosh

Magoosh is not a singular but rather a platform of many apps all designed to help you improve your grammar, enrich your vocab, and it also serves as a preparation for exams like TOEFL, SAT, IETLS and more. One app that stands out from the others as extra helpful is the Vocab Builder app. Its teaching philosophy is that learning a new word is one thing but being able to confidently use that word in a given context / sentence, is another thing. It truly teaches you how to use the word in a proper and meaningful way and construct sentences that are grammatically correct.

There are many levels to unlock, and as you progress, the words get more difficult. Finally, there is a Play option where you can challenge someone to see who gets more words right. That will help you spend more time with the app, and you will end up learning more words.

5. Vocabador

Vocabrador, which you can judge by its name that derives from the word vocabulary, it is an app designed to assist you in learning new words in a rather interesting interactive way. The style of the app makes it both fun and easy to comprehend new words.

Puzzle Games To Give Your Brain A Good Stretch


It is a game suitable for die hard fans of the Tetris Classic Game, if you happen to be one, you will enjoy this game we guarantee it as it is a lot like tetris but without the time pressure. When you start playing you will see 10 tiles across and 10 down. As you progress further in the game you will get 3 shapes which you should place on the board. Those are pretty similar to the shapes found in Tetris game as they are made out of small squares. Your duty is to place them on the free available spaces on the board.

Another similarity with tetris is that once a row or column is filled it disappears and you as a player get extra bonus points when you fill a row or column. You must keep in mind also, to keep the board as clean as possible so it doesn’t get cluttered. Another similarity between the two games is that 1010! is an infinite loop game, it has no levels to pass. You just play to get a higher record and hope to break your own record each time you play.

7 Little Words

Creators of Red Herring also poured their game creating skills into another interesting game, called Seven Little Words. In this new game from them, instead of trying to figure out mysterious words, you actually need to put together the puzzle pieces to get to the final answer. You need to carefully read the clues for the seven different words(answers), the clues should give you some hint about the answers (including how many letters the answer should have). As soon as you figure out all the seven words you win the puzzle.
Like other games from the developer, 7 little words is also free and comes with a set of free puzzle pack.
Every day after that you will get a new free puzzle. So it will not leave you try after you finish solving the first pack of levels. There is another option as well, which includes buying bonus packs if you need even more puzzles. Sometimes you may need help with it, and in our website we post most of the answers of 7 little words.


There is an app version of the people who like to play sudoku on paper. The app version of sudoku also means that you can play sudoku anywhere anytime. Waiting for a friend to show up? Why not tackle a puzzle?

You have to fill in the numbers on a grid of 9 total squares and each square box is divided in 9 other boxes. Each column and row must be filled with numbers 1-9 without any repetition. And each large square box must have the numbers 1 to 9 within it, also without any repetitions.

There are many sudoku versions and some of them also provide a degree of customisation by letting you choose a theme so you can have as a personalized game experience as possible. There are also different difficulty levels from beginner too hard, you can play the difficulty level that better suits your experience. You win at the moment that you are able to fill in the grid with 3 mistakes or less.


This vocabulary builder app teaches English grammar and vocabulary in the form of various detailed courses. The courses available in the app are designed based on the concepts of spaced learning, adaptive learning, fun infographics and games in the form of learning. Users need to subscribe to the preferred courses, and they would receive daily lessons through notifications. The frequency of the lesson notifications can be scheduled according to the pace of the learner. Learners can also earn knowledge credits through quizzes. The app focuses on English vocabulary building and English grammar.

This vocabulary helper app will teach you grammar and expand your vocabulary by giving you various courses and challenges to complete. You will encounter cool infographics, puzzles that test your knowledge, puzzles that put emphasis on adaptive learning. The courses are available in the free version. You just need to join your preferred course and then you will receive lessons on a daily basis, so you will progress slowly and learn things on a constant pace. If you are more fast paced then the lessons will be delivered to you faster as well.

Puzzle Games to Improve Your Vocabulary

7 Little Words

Just Like Quordle, this game only has one puzzle a day. It makes it very quick to play and you are guaranteed to not waste hours on it if you happen to get obsessed, because it is simply not possible. You can only play one puzzle a day and that is it. If you want to play more you have to wait for the other day. 7 Little Words presents some clues in front of you and you have to guess the correct answer in the answers box. When figuring the answer the missing letters should serve as a hint for what the correct answer may be. It is a free game and also can be played on the web version.

Word to Word

Word to Word is not a single game, it is actually 7 different puzzles packed in to one so you can rest assured that you will not get bored too easily with it. W2W will definitely improve your vocabulary because you will need to match words with other words that can happen to be either antonyms, synonyms or are simple related for example ‘giggle’ and ‘laugh’.

Vocab Genius

This puzzle game is designed from the start with the idea that it should be more of a study helper than a game, in the sense that it is meant to challenge your background and general knowledge. It challenges you to confront your knowledge of real world events and to test your cognitive skills. With it you may be able to learn new words faster and expand your vocabulary. Like other games it is available for both platforms.


Probably you have heard of seen this game before. Because it is a very popular title, having been downloaded more than 5 million times. Wordscapes is published and maintained by PeopleFun game studio based in US. You have the possibility of making as many words as you possibly can from the given letters you see on the screen. This ability to form unlimited words with a set of letters makes it highly possible that it might improve your vocabulary while having lots of fun playing it. However be aware that this game has a tendency to be a bit addictive. It also has daily puzzles.

Closing words…
And with that we finish this article with our suggestions for improving your vocabulary. If you are like most people who get embarrassed if they encounter a word they don’t understand it is wise to consider one of the games we mentioned above. It’s best to expand your vocabulary than create space for miscommunication when you encounter unknown words. Living a busy live makes it impossible for most people to take literature
classes to improve word forming skills. It is far easier to dedicate one of these games 5 minutes a day, while commuting.

A few Quick Mobile Games to Kill time

When you are sitting on a train or waiting in line to order some food you usually don’t have the necessary concentration to play a complex and lengthy game. Those games you can save for later, and take a look at these fast and quick mobile games that can be played and solved within minute.

7 Little Words

7 Little  Words game, which is available on both platforms is a puzzle game where you create words using tiles or letters and you need to solve 7 clues, hence the name 7 little words. The order in which you solve them is not necessary, you can shuffle the letter blocks or use hints to get past a word you can’t solve. The goal here is to make sure you pass the level and if needed you can always pause and pick it up later where you left the game. This game is developed by Blue OX Family games, which has published other successful games as well.

Four Letters

You must be fairly quick to succeed in this game. When you see the four letters on screen, you must tap on them in the right order to spell the word correctly. You  score points for each word that you form in a correct form and there may be many answers available.  The game pace increase the faster you go, so the quicker the better in this case.

Word Chums

Word Chums is a game that  has many similiarities with WWF. It is one of the many games in the realm of Scrabble type of games.  You can challenge your facebook friends as well and challenge their word forming skills. The cute characters of this game make it very interesting and lively.

Review of 7 Little Words Game

The Logic of 7 Little words is pretty simple. Each puzzle gives you a grid of letters accompanied by seven words/clues. The letter blocks each contain about 2 or 3 words each and you can think of them as something similar to crossword puzzle hints but much simpler. The goal of each puzzle you play, is of course to find a solution for all the seven clues using  visible letters as hints to guide you towards the correct answer word. For example the clue might be “twoscore” and the answer of it may very well be “forty”.

The game is published by BlueOx and they hope users will be able to differentiate between it, and other similar games in the cluttered scrabble-like games world. 7 Little Words is a very simple concept yet enjoyable, and of course it is free. Word game addicts should find it entertaining enough and it’s definitely worth a shot.

Experienced word puzzle gamers might not find it very difficult, but it is perfect for the beginners. The initial game includes about 30 levels which indeed, might not be too much but it is enough to help you get a feel about what the game is all about. In the other hand, if you are a beginner in these type of games it can be the perfect gateway game to the world of puzzle game. A clue about the clues answers is that they tend to revolve around synonyms and if you play the elemination tactic you will get far ahead pretty quickly, because it means you will discard/ignore all the wrong possible answers.

If you are a newbie player and worry about getting penalized about wrong guesses or being slow to figure answers out, don’t worry as 7 little words doesn’t punish slow players or wrong guesses. There is no points system, so you will not get less points if you guess wrong several times. So no time limits, no point deductions for wrong answers make it the perfect game to start playing to improve your word guessing capabilities. Everything in this game is geared towards simplicity and this can be noticed instantly as the design, game flow follows this principle, it has very simple and modest looking graphics.