Puzzle Games To Give Your Brain A Good Stretch


It is a game suitable for die hard fans of the Tetris Classic Game, if you happen to be one, you will enjoy this game we guarantee it as it is a lot like tetris but without the time pressure. When you start playing you will see 10 tiles across and 10 down. As you progress further in the game you will get 3 shapes which you should place on the board. Those are pretty similar to the shapes found in Tetris game as they are made out of small squares. Your duty is to place them on the free available spaces on the board.

Another similarity with tetris is that once a row or column is filled it disappears and you as a player get extra bonus points when you fill a row or column. You must keep in mind also, to keep the board as clean as possible so it doesn’t get cluttered. Another similarity between the two games is that 1010! is an infinite loop game, it has no levels to pass. You just play to get a higher record and hope to break your own record each time you play.

7 Little Words

Creators of Red Herring also poured their game creating skills into another interesting game, called Seven Little Words. In this new game from them, instead of trying to figure out mysterious words, you actually need to put together the puzzle pieces to get to the final answer. You need to carefully read the clues for the seven different words(answers), the clues should give you some hint about the answers (including how many letters the answer should have). As soon as you figure out all the seven words you win the puzzle.
Like other games from the developer, 7 little words is also free and comes with a set of free puzzle pack.
Every day after that you will get a new free puzzle. So it will not leave you try after you finish solving the first pack of levels. There is another option as well, which includes buying bonus packs if you need even more puzzles. Sometimes you may need help with it, and in our website we post most of the answers of 7 little words.


There is an app version of the people who like to play sudoku on paper. The app version of sudoku also means that you can play sudoku anywhere anytime. Waiting for a friend to show up? Why not tackle a puzzle?

You have to fill in the numbers on a grid of 9 total squares and each square box is divided in 9 other boxes. Each column and row must be filled with numbers 1-9 without any repetition. And each large square box must have the numbers 1 to 9 within it, also without any repetitions.

There are many sudoku versions and some of them also provide a degree of customisation by letting you choose a theme so you can have as a personalized game experience as possible. There are also different difficulty levels from beginner too hard, you can play the difficulty level that better suits your experience. You win at the moment that you are able to fill in the grid with 3 mistakes or less.


This vocabulary builder app teaches English grammar and vocabulary in the form of various detailed courses. The courses available in the app are designed based on the concepts of spaced learning, adaptive learning, fun infographics and games in the form of learning. Users need to subscribe to the preferred courses, and they would receive daily lessons through notifications. The frequency of the lesson notifications can be scheduled according to the pace of the learner. Learners can also earn knowledge credits through quizzes. The app focuses on English vocabulary building and English grammar.

This vocabulary helper app will teach you grammar and expand your vocabulary by giving you various courses and challenges to complete. You will encounter cool infographics, puzzles that test your knowledge, puzzles that put emphasis on adaptive learning. The courses are available in the free version. You just need to join your preferred course and then you will receive lessons on a daily basis, so you will progress slowly and learn things on a constant pace. If you are more fast paced then the lessons will be delivered to you faster as well.