Puzzle Games to Improve Your Vocabulary

7 Little Words

Just Like Quordle, this game only has one puzzle a day. It makes it very quick to play and you are guaranteed to not waste hours on it if you happen to get obsessed, because it is simply not possible. You can only play one puzzle a day and that is it. If you want to play more you have to wait for the other day. 7 Little Words presents some clues in front of you and you have to guess the correct answer in the answers box. When figuring the answer the missing letters should serve as a hint for what the correct answer may be. It is a free game and also can be played on the web version.

Word to Word

Word to Word is not a single game, it is actually 7 different puzzles packed in to one so you can rest assured that you will not get bored too easily with it. W2W will definitely improve your vocabulary because you will need to match words with other words that can happen to be either antonyms, synonyms or are simple related for example ‘giggle’ and ‘laugh’.

Vocab Genius

This puzzle game is designed from the start with the idea that it should be more of a study helper than a game, in the sense that it is meant to challenge your background and general knowledge. It challenges you to confront your knowledge of real world events and to test your cognitive skills. With it you may be able to learn new words faster and expand your vocabulary. Like other games it is available for both platforms.


Probably you have heard of seen this game before. Because it is a very popular title, having been downloaded more than 5 million times. Wordscapes is published and maintained by PeopleFun game studio based in US. You have the possibility of making as many words as you possibly can from the given letters you see on the screen. This ability to form unlimited words with a set of letters makes it highly possible that it might improve your vocabulary while having lots of fun playing it. However be aware that this game has a tendency to be a bit addictive. It also has daily puzzles.

Closing words…
And with that we finish this article with our suggestions for improving your vocabulary. If you are like most people who get embarrassed if they encounter a word they don’t understand it is wise to consider one of the games we mentioned above. It’s best to expand your vocabulary than create space for miscommunication when you encounter unknown words. Living a busy live makes it impossible for most people to take literature
classes to improve word forming skills. It is far easier to dedicate one of these games 5 minutes a day, while commuting.