A few Quick Mobile Games to Kill time

When you are sitting on a train or waiting in line to order some food you usually don’t have the necessary concentration to play a complex and lengthy game. Those games you can save for later, and take a look at these fast and quick mobile games that can be played and solved within minute.

7 Little Words

7 Little  Words game, which is available on both platforms is a puzzle game where you create words using tiles or letters and you need to solve 7 clues, hence the name 7 little words. The order in which you solve them is not necessary, you can shuffle the letter blocks or use hints to get past a word you can’t solve. The goal here is to make sure you pass the level and if needed you can always pause and pick it up later where you left the game. This game is developed by Blue OX Family games, which has published other successful games as well.

Four Letters

You must be fairly quick to succeed in this game. When you see the four letters on screen, you must tap on them in the right order to spell the word correctly. You  score points for each word that you form in a correct form and there may be many answers available.  The game pace increase the faster you go, so the quicker the better in this case.

Word Chums

Word Chums is a game that  has many similiarities with WWF. It is one of the many games in the realm of Scrabble type of games.  You can challenge your facebook friends as well and challenge their word forming skills. The cute characters of this game make it very interesting and lively.