Keywee The newest Postal Puzzle is Being released Soon(Check the date)

Sold Out and Stonewheat & Sons are delighted to announce that the adorable postal puzzle, KeyWe, will be available on August 31 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Players who pre-order will receive access to the “Early Bird” pack at no additional cost, while not as fun as Word Crossy Puzzle Game KeyWee still comesĀ  with a variety of bonus game content.

KeyWe is a chaotic co-op postal puzzle featuring Jeff and Debra, two kiwi birds working in a fun and busy post office. They will have to jump and do their best in an interactive environment consisting of levers, bells and buttons to deliver messages on time. The PlayStation 5 version will also take advantage of DualSense’s tactile feedback and adaptive triggers to allow players to further immerse themselves in the world of Bungalow Basin.

Top 5 PC Games available on Mobile Plaftorms

Many PC game developers are releasing their pc games on mobile platforms too. That means you can play them both on android and ios. Today we are giving you our top picks for the top 10 pc games that are available on android and ios

1. Turbo Turbo League / 200mb, Free Game
This game is exactly as the name suggests, its a clone of the legend Rocket League, now with controls that are perfectly adjusted to touch screens. Basically this game is a sports where each car plays a game of soccer with a giant ball. In turbo league you can play alone or with other players.Alone you can practice as much as you want or dive straight into matches with bots. In multi player on the other hand you can play 3 vs 3 in players around the world.

2. Unknown Fate / Paid 1.2gb Game
Unknown fate is a single player puzzle adventure game where you will help richard get to the truth. The game begins with the fact that the main character woke up in an unknown world, he has no memories of the past or how he end up there.Now your main fast will be to find out the truth and defeat all the enemies solve challenging puzzles, travel though space, and collect fragments of richards lost memories.

3. Human Fall Flat / Paid 300mb
This is a physical based puzzle game with elements of parkour in which you have to overcome intricate locations and while its worth nothing that your character is a jelly like creature which moreover is not firmly on it’s feet. The usual approach to passing the level doesn’t fit. In order to get to the goal you have to connect creativity, imagination and ingenuity and find a non standard way of solving the puzzles.In addition you an pass levels in a cooperative mode in a company of up to four people, which will further diversity the gameplay.

4. Getting over it / Paid 125mb
This is a hardcore game where you will control the hero who sits in a pod. In this game you take control of protagonist and your task would be to lead him thru all the trials and overcome the maximum area of the game. All that you’ll have to overcome obstacles is a hammer with which you’ll climb trees climb boulders and high mountains.If you fail you have to do the level again, and with this you will train your agility and nerves and achieve outstanding results.

5. Metal Revolution / Free 1.3gb
Metal revolution is a robot fighting game and a fresh new cyberpunk style. Compared to other traditional fighting games it has the minimalistic controls while still being able to keep depth and balance for the higher level competitive players like rising thunder, metal revolution brings a simplified control scheme, this can make the game slightly easier to get into however, the depth for veteran fighting players is absolutely still there. The gameplay is fast paced, and fluid and each character has their own ultimate skill that lets you end your opponent in style.